Amended Policies and Procedures


Any owner of two (2) or more adjoining Lots, with written approval from the ARC prior to May 01, 2018, may consolidate such Lots into a single building location for the purpose of constructing a single residence thereon and such other improvements as herein permitted. Any such Lots combined for building purposes pursuant to this Section 3.2 shall remain multiple Lots for voting and assessment purposes. Effective May 01, 2018, the combination of lots is prohibited unless approved prior to May 01, 2018.



Construction of the primary residential structure, garage, porches, driveways, etc., on any Lot shall be completed no later than (12) months following the ground breaking site and start of construction. The homeowner shall pay an additional $300 dollars payable to the Cottonwood Creek Subdivision HOA for the first month passed the designated 12 months period; $600 after the second month passed the designated 12 month period; and $900 after the 3rd month after the designated 12 month period, and for each month thereafter until the house is completed and receives certificate of occupancy. Occupancy after the 10th day of the month will require penalty payment for the full month. ARC shall review the construction progress after month 6. Address all concerns with the homeowner. The penalty is subject to normal construction conditions and is waived temporarily, in case of natural disaster, climatic changes or another force majeure.



Cottonwood ARC cannot prohibit or restrict a property owner from installing a solar energy device as defined by Texas Tax Code Section 171.107. However, the ARC can restrict solar panels if one of the following conditions exists:

•      If the solar energy devices are illegal or violate public health and safety

•      If they are located on common property within the subdivision

•      If they extend higher than the roofline, do not conform to the slope of the roof, or are not parallel to the roofline

•      If they are ground-mounted and extend above the homeowner’s fence

•      If they are installed in a way that voids the warranties

•      If they have an element that is not in a silver, bronze, or black tone

•      If they are installed without prior approval by the ARC

ARC can designate where solar panels may be placed on a homeowner’s roof.  However, the homeowner can petition for an alternate location if he or she can prove that the alternate location would increase the estimated annual energy production of the solar panels by more than 10%.