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Activity Details

Be sure to read the bylaws which will detail the uses of areas within our community.  The day of the week and times of any activity are listed on the Activity Page.  We ask that you leave any area the way you found it or better to keep our community clean and ready for the next activity.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Billiard Table - Is Played in the community center near the library.   The Pool Sticks are on the wall near the table, the balls are in the table pockets, and rack is located in the library closet.

BYOB Happy Hour - Held in the club house, this is a weekly event to get to know and enjoy our community neighbors and have a great time from 5-7PM every Friday.  Feel free to bring a snack to share.  Join us for more fun at 7:00 at Card Bingo.

Bingo - Is played in the community hall and cost 50 cents per card.  People play between 2 to 6 cards.

Card Bingo - Is played in the community hall and needs 12 quarters to play.  Such a fun and easy game.

Euchre - Is played in the library and cost $2.00 to play.  Euchre is a card game played with partners and the final points determine the winners.  It is easy to learn how to play and so much fun.

Exercise Room - The exercise room is located on the outside wall of the community center.  Owners may obtain a key from the front office.  Please be sure to turn off AC, lights, and unplug machines before leaving.

Golf - Golf is a very loved sport in our community and we hope you enjoy each round you play.  We offer a men's and ladies' league as well as golf scramble.   Make everyone feel welcome to play golf here as our course is open to the public.

Ladies Luncheon - The Ladies Luncheon is held the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted.  Someone will volunteer to coordinate the next luncheon to include placing a sign-up sheet on the board outside the mailroom.  The men usually have a table in another area at the same restaurant.

Library - The library is located in the front right corner of the community center hall.  There is a wide variety of books any owner is welcome to take home.  Please keep books on the shelf in order as you browse.  Please return books by placing them in the basket inside the door.   Donated books accepted.

Pokeno - This activity is held in the library and requires Nickles to play.

Poker - Is played in the library and reserved for Cottonwood Residents Only!

Pool - Cottonwood Pool and Spa are heated and open year-round.  Swim Aerobics are offered Monday thru Friday.  Feel free to use the DVD player found in the mailroom at any time should the specified times not fit your schedule.  The Pool is cleaned on Monday and Thursday usually in the morning and is closed for 4 hours if they shock the Pool with chemicals.  If the Pool is shocked with stronger chemicals it can be closed for 24 hours.  If the Pool is closed longer than 4 hours the notification will be on the home page.

Pool Party - The Pool Party is held the third Saturday of each month.  This is a great time to meet your neighbors and swim.  We ask everyone to bring a snack to enjoy.  Please do not bring any glass in the pool area.

Shuffle Board  -  The Equipment to play this activity is in the closet of the library and along the wall near the billiard table.  Please wear tennis shoes for this activity to not destroy the paint and numbers.

Soul Sisters Luncheon -  This group of ladies have lunch together to support each other through the loss of a spouse.  We welcome you to join us on the third Tuesday of each month.

Tennis Court -  The Tennis Courts are for all residents and guest to enjoy.  Please do not wear black sole tennis shoes as they mark up the court.

Walk Aerobics  -  Walk Aerobics is held in the climate-controlled community hall.  Everyone can go at their own pace or active level.  Feel free to walk around the tables at whatever pace you like.  This activity is M-W-F and great to increase your heart rate.

New Activities - If there is a new activity, craft, or interest you would like to explore send an e-mail to

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