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  1. Website Updated - We are in need of volunteers to be on the website committee willing to work with Shari Gearhart to improve the website so that all residents will have easy access to the latest information available in a easy fast format.   Let's work together to improve our ability to become the best community in the RGV. 3/30/2023

  2. New digital directory - The paper directory is not functional as well as expensive and labor intensive to create.  We have been testing a directory that can be added to your phone where you can type in a name or address under contacts to find a resident.  All of the information available on paper will also be available in the digital version.  Send e-mail to if you would like to have the directory added to your phone.  We are in need of 2-3 volunteers that will assist in keeping the directory updated and answer questions. 3/30/2023

  3. Facebook Page -  We have a Facebook page that is not being updated.  Does anyone know who created it so that we can get the user name and pass code.  If we are unable to find this information we will have to have Facebook close the current page so a new one can be opened.  Once a new page is opened we can create a group within the page for owners to become members based on their name and address.  A group page allows you to invite all members to an event and members to respond.  We know there are people that don't use FB  so all events will also be on the website and the board in the mail room . 3/30/202

  4.  Let's Bring back the weekly Coffee!  David and Shari Gearhart would like to host the first coffee on a Wednesday 9:00 to 10:30 AM  The date will be announced at a later date.  There will be coffee, muffins, and donuts to enjoy with friends.  We will need someone to volunteer hosting the next coffee at the current coffee so it continues on.  3/30/2023

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