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June Calendar


  1. BYOB Happy Hour- Happy Hour is held every Friday 5-7 PM in the club house. Bring your own beverages of choice and a snack to share if you'd like.  Come welcome and meet new community members, make some new friends or visit with old friends. 5/25/2023

  2. Facebook Page  The website is completed but still resumes much time keeping up to date.  Anyone willing to get a group together to create and design a new Facebook Page and private group would be greatly appreciated.  Please e-mail so we can have another fun way to communicate sharing photos and memories with friends. 5/19/2023

  3. Walk Aerobics  - Walk Aerobics has been going on for 3 full weeks and those coming are seeing positive results and having fun.  We get our cardio up while having fun with people we know.  I encourage you to come and walk for 20 minutes until you build up. 5/19/2023 

  4. Water Aerobics  - Water Aerobics is still at 2:00 PM and also at10:00 AM now.  The DVD player is located in the mailroom on or under the table if you are the first to arrive.  The pool is closed while the pool cleaners are here on Monday and Thursday mornings.  Should the scheduled time not work for you feel free to use the DVD player at any time. 5/8/2023

  5. Euchre - Let's bring Euchre back this Thursday night at 7:00 PM.  We have played the past 2 weeks and having fun.  If you have never played, we can show you in just a few minutes. 4/4/2023

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