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December Activities Calendar


  1. Website Committee - Is in need of volunteers willing to maintain even one page of the website.  Training will be provided.  

  2. Ladies Golf League - Signup at the bulletin board by the mailroom.

  3. Pickleball - Pickleball is here! Please see activity details for details on this new activity.

  4. Men's Golf League - Signup at the bulletin board by the mailroom.  Will begin playing 11-1-2023 at 9:00 and tee off is at 9:30. Entry fee is $1.00 per week.  10-6-2023

  5. Movie Night - Join us on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Clubhouse for our newest activity.  Movie Night is super fun as we laugh together with friends. 9/14/2023

  6. Committee Member List - A list of Committee Members is located under the password protected Resident Area.  This information will assist residents on who to contact for specific issues.  8/15/2023

  7. Dominos - Dominos is a new activity in the Clubhouse at 2:00 every Thursday. 7/16/2023

  8. Facebook - We now have a Facebook Group Page.   Click on the link highlighted in blue and press Join Cottonwood Facebook Page   There are a couple of questions that will be asked to verify you are a homeowner or renter.  This page will be a fun way to share community photos and keep up with the latest events and announcements.  Thank you, David and Kerin Fahland, for being the lead admins on this project.  6/7/2023

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